New Music: Steppenkind – God Song

  • New Music: Steppenkind - God Song

Irishman Brendan Cleary and German Can Winter and the men behind Berlin based electro-experimentalists Steppenkind. Having featured on the blog back in February with River Sets You Free, the duo return with a more sombre sound in the form of God Song.

The track draws from a similar musical palette to their previous release; there’s an electric guitar for sure, but it’s used in a rhythmic and looping fashion in a way that highlights how the instrument can be deconstructed down in to its basest electronic elements.

The industrial sounds remain, but this time they seek to explore the more experimental ends of the genre, echoing and fading like whispers on the wind, rather that providing a solid bedrock. The result is something that’s akin to floating in space, when you’re aware of gravity but for the moment it’s a distant but present concept. If Nick Cave teamed up with Can, it might sound something like this – a challenging but rewarding listening experience.

God Song is part of a series of releases that are leading up the debut Steppenkind album Walk Along Your River; which they describe as a ‘narrative depiction of an individual’s journey from despair to supposed liberation’.

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