Ex-Senses Fail founder and main songwriter Garrett Zablocki is back in the musical limelight after eight years with a new band, Stereo Stargazer and a refreshed sound on single My New Sanctum.

It’s a surprising and pleasant departure from the post-hardcore sound for which he was previously known. The vocals have a very open and emotive quality, and the lyrics have a very weighty, reflective and yet relatable quality to them.

You can hear traces of his previous band in the song, after all he was an essential part of developing their sound. But there’s a greater feeling that with Stereo Stargazer he’s successfully willing to push the sonic boundaries employed before. You still get the powerful emotional message, but it’s delivered on an arrangement that has a more anthemic, subtly pop-punk, less raw but more confident and mature sound.

My New Sanctum
is from Zablocki’s debut solo EP, Lay Me To Rest If I Say, “I’m Done” which can be streamed on Soundcloud and iTunes. Be sure to check out the band’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for news on releases, gigs and other streaming platforms.

Photo by Brent Murray