New Music: STITCH – Goodbye Highline

  • New Music: STITCH - Goodbye Highline

We featured Not One To Say from London trio STITCH late last year and they’re back with another winner in the form of a new track called Goodbye Highline. It’s moody, a bit melodramatic and very catchy as you can hear below.

The track has a similar ‘quiet storm’ opening to their previous release, but the vocal harmonies are much more to the fore here and there’s very effective use of mellow tempo and rich arrangement to set a scene, as if from a 1950s film. All that combines to draw the listener in, letting Goodbye Highline turns up the dial in terms of emotional intensity and pure musicianship.

STITCH – a trio who originally met at university say about the track: “Goodbye Highline is about the moment of bittersweet realisation where you are letting go of someone. You are simultaneously looking back, conscious of the good times spent together and accepting the love lost, whilst looking forward with optimism and at long last, embracing the ability to move on.”

Goodbye Highline is out now and streaming on Spotify. The track will feature on the band’s upcoming EP which is due out in March and will be launched at a gig at London venue The Hoxton Underbelly on 30th March – keep an eye on their official website for more details.

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