STORME are a London based, Swedish (Amanda Liedberg) / Italian (Gabriele Mazza) duo who described their music as electropop, but as you can hear from just one listen to new track Volcano, their sound is so much more.

With an arrangement that echoes the best of CHRVCHES and a vocal performance that invites comparison with Robyn but with more smokey almost jazzy tones, Volcano is pure musical joy.

Capturing that perfect English synthpop sound that marries upbeat and airy synths with positive lyrics but a somehow melancholic tone; if anything it inspires comparisons with the Pet Shop Boys in the way it elicits that wonderfully complex happy/sad feeling. Awash with hooks and a rich, soulful vocal phrasing, it’s a complete delight from start to finish.

As regards to the inspiration behind the track, Amanda Lieberg says; ‘It’s about someone leaving me. I felt shit. But I kept picturing this volcano as a huge force. It’s a song about seeing yourself through.’

Volcano is out now, you can find out more about how to stream and download the track here. The duo play Brighton as part of The Great Escape on May 17th and play Stockholm in June.