Irish band Submotile say Tailspin was written at a time of intense personal upheaval coupled with an extreme lack of sleep, something they’ve harnessed to great effect in the dizzying, delirious song. Watch the video and see what you think?

It’s fair to say their debut single has an obvious musical reference to the iconic My Bloody Valentine, but it avoids the latter group’s tendency to spin off in to reverie and abandon.

Instead, there’s a more disoriented, muscular post-rock feel to Tailpsin with its mixture of acute clarity and hyperawareness married to the dislocation that can sometimes come from insomnia (I’ve been there!).

Dense and textured, it shows the band’s upcoming We’re Losing the Light EP will be worth paying attention to.

Tailpsin is out now, and can also be streamed on Spotify and Bandcamp. Be sure to check out their track Memento Mori as well – you won’t be disappointed!