Sulene’s life seems to revolve around music, whether it’s creating music for film, TV, and ads, or releasing her music under her own name. Be glad she does the latter, as her recent single is far from a diamond in the rough.

Bright and sophisticated, the song invites favourable comparisons with artists like Savoir Adore and St. Vincent. It shares that same fusion of  effortlessly bouncy 80s-style synthpop mixed with indie melodies and an introspective undertone. There’s a fun feel to Diamonds as it catalogues the ups and downs of love, and how we get back on the relationship merry-go-round, retaining good memories as we negotiate the complexities of what other people want.

Sulene’s Diamonds is out now and is the first single from Sulene’s 2nd EP, titled Fire Escaping. You can find out more about Sulene, streaming or downloading the track as well as other work by checking out her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.