Steph Wells aka SUMif traded in their acoustic guitar for MIDI controllers on their move to San Francisco, but there’s still a rich organic sense to the music, in part down to the sweetly infectious vocals and emotionally intelligent lyrics.

New single Obvious is yet another perfect example of their ability to encapsulate the physical and emotional rollercoaster of love, but this time the mix is tweaked a little, but to great effect.

More mellow and reflective than previous releases but still retaining that upbeat tonal and lyrical demeanour that Steph Wells does so well, they once again manage to describe what is often indescribable: the beauty and confusion of intoxicating love.

Warm tones wash over the listener, creating the sense that you are part of a private affair in the making, as smooth as silk and as rich as Belgian chocolate.

Obvious is out now on Spotify worldwide and Pandora in the US –  be sure to head over to the SUMif Facebook and Instagram accounts for more information.