After 19 singles and 2 EPs over the last few years, Steph Wells of SUMif spent 2019 writing material for their debut album. Judging by new single Sign, that album is going to be something amazing! Check out the track below to find out why. 

Wells has a neat way with a love song, and Sign is no exception, though there is a twist here. Her vocals have a vulnerable, open quality that works well on this mid-tempo ballad, a change from her usually upbeat back catalogue. The tentative, chilled tones to the arrangement capture some of the uncertainty conveyed in the lyrics, creating a contemplative, heartfelt outpouring of emotion.

Wells had this to say about the song: “I wrote this song during an uncertain time of a relationship; I was so hopeful that it wasn’t truly over and that things would resolve. I found myself feeling rather desperate for her to give me any sign that she wanted it to work out, that she would actually get her shit together because she also believed that what we had was too good to just let go of. ”

Sign is out now, check out Wells on the SUMif’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter socials, and keep up with news about how to listen to the song, the upcoming album release, gigs and more. While waiting for the album, why not check out her back catalogue on Spotify? You won’t regret it.