Supernaive describe themselves as ‘two brothers bound by blood and music,’ splitting their time between Paris and Tokyo. On new single Warrior, they’ve teamed up with French diva Carmeline. Check out the video below.

Carmeline’s vocals dominate the song, her dancehall rhythms and fierce delivery giving way at times to more introspective tones that still captivate the listener in a rapid-fire style similar to Zebra Katz or Charli XCX. As the track swirls around her, Themyscira meets trip-hop under a wall of beats and loops that’ll tear down your defences. Carmeline and the brothers may engage in a happy duel here, but we are the winners as they serve up this bruiser of a song.

Warrior is out now, and can also be listened to on Soundcloud and Spotify. Be sure to check Supernaive out over on Facebook and Instagram, maybe throw them a follow or two, so you can keep up with news about the duo and the NEKOMATA album.