Syntax/Semantics is a Melbourne-based electronic producer who takes elements of post-punk and electropop to serve up some moody electronica on Dreams.

Early Depeche Mode and the more elegiac moments of Marsheaux are referenced in the arrangement, lending it a superficially poppy ambience. But like those artists, the lyrics reveal insight and the ability to express complex ideas in a relatable style. Fans of Selofan, Boy Harsher and Minuit Machine will appreciate Dreams and its skewed take on long-established genres, giving them both new life and relevance.

As for the inspiration behind those emotive lyrics, Syntax/Semantics says the track is about ‘the constant battle we have with the ego but reason of purely existing, and that only by coming to terms with it can we every truly be free.’ Dreams is out now with more information on how to stream or download the track on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.