Syrra are Sweden-raised, London based singer Aneta and Berlin-raised, Portugal-based producer Sinah. They describe their music as ‘glacial electro-pop’ and cite acts as diverse as The Knife, Warpaint and The Acid as musical influences. Just one listen to Wasp however and you’ll know they are very much their own creation.

There’s a strong tribal feel to the track, as if both the music and lyrics are tapping in to the raw, primordial being that lurks within us all; with no filters and no pretences.

It’s not a song of anger but of emotion, lyrics that speak of exposing the self, as the duo generate a soundscape that is atmospheric yet rhythmic, soothing yet leftfield. There’s a stunning openness lyrically and musically to Wasp that is enchanting and entrancing, but at times hard hitting.

Wasp is the duo’s third single. It is out now and can be found on Spotify and iTunes. Syrra have also collaborated with artist Laura Little to fashion a beautiful and deceptively simple video for the song.