Early this October we covered Copenhagen’s Tan, and their track Panorama which we described as ‘the soundtrack for an imagined future’. They’ve followed up that morsel of intense retro-futurist electro with another winner, in the form of a hymn to nothing, Barbara.

Barbara covers similar musical territory to Panorama; once again the glacial synths are thawed by mellow arpeggios and swirling, soaring synth licks and nuances of early 80’s electropop, but Mathias Riis and Andreas Bengtsen have co-opted some of the austere postpunk stylings of some of their previous bands, to twist their musical formula in new and bleaker directions. If sad wave is a genre then Tan are its finest exponents.

Barbara is out now, and is accompanied by a video that can best be described as an homage to glitchy home-made 70s porn!