New Music: Taska Black – Nothing Lasts (feat. Pauline Herr)

  • New Music: Taska Black - Nothing Lasts (feat. Pauline Herr)

Antwerp native Taska Black has established a name for himself on the back of releases like Leave Me and Dreaming. He has followed up those tracks with Nothing Lasts, which features vocals Los Angeles based Pauline Herr.  You can listen to the future bass influenced track here.

The track references acts like San Holo and Marshmello, but hits some soft and tender moments in the midst of the hard bassline and sawtooth synths – some of that is down to Pauline Herr’s textured vocals, the minimal use of pitchshifting and the organic sounding elements on Nothing Lost.

Taska Black spoke about the inspiration to the track, saying: “I really wanted to write a song that was definitely emotional, but also open to different interpretations. To me, Nothing Lasts refers to the end of the world or something massive like that, but I think it has equal meaning to the end of a relationship or the death of a friend. All very heavy and emotional.

From there I debated singing on it first, but then I found Pauline and I knew she would be the perfect voice for the record to convey the sense of frail yet powerful emotion I was looking for.”

Nothing Lasts is out now via Lowly Palace, and is streaming on Spotify and iTunes as well as Soundcloud.

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