There are times when you want your music to be loud, lairy and a whole lot of fun. In those instances, you can’t go wrong with the good-natured mayhem of Teen Mortgage and Falling Down.

The Washington, DC residents do hark back to that city’s legendary hardcore scene; I’m sure I can hear some Minor Threat going at times. You get a bit of grunge nihilism, some of the Redneck, swamp gothabilly raunchiness of The Cramps, but most of all you get some crunching, sludgey riffs and a wall of sound that could be a lethal weapon if it got into the wrong hands!

Falling Down is out now and features on the LIFE / DEATH EP which you can stream on Spotify and Bandcamp. If you want to know about other streaming and downloading options, check out the band’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.