New Music: TESHA – Dreams

  • New Music: TESHA - Dreams

Israel’s TESHA has followed up the release of her new EP Dreams Vol 1 by dropping the title track as a single. On the basis of this, you just know the EP is an exciting and rewarding listen. Check out the track and see what you think?

It’s beautiful in its refusal to stick to any pop norms, as Dreams fuses the eccentric musical abandon of Björk with the left field pop sensibility of artists like Grimes. What you get is a song that quietly challenges you to listen to it, soothes you with TESHA’s warm vocal tones, then reels you in with its chilled hooks and mellow, rolling synths.

Dreams is released on the 20th of April – you can find out more here, and keep an eye on her Facebook and Instagram for news and information on live dates, new releases and more. There’s also a rather stunning video for the track that is well worth a watch!

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