New Music: The Abnorm – Boom Talk Volume One

  • New Music: The Abnorm - Boom Talk Volume One

Kansas City (Missouri) rapper The Abnorm is better known as both an MC and Battle Rapper, but has spread his musical and artistic wings on his new release called Boom Talk Volume One; an audio-visual journey in music and sound.

The opening concept sampling John Lee Hooker is a bit of a curveball, as the radio dial moves on and on, settling on a looping, minimal beat. Referencing 40’s noir shock classic The Hypnotic Eye, the track cuts and changes, beats and rhythms looping again with mounting suspense before giving way to bass heavy sections and dreamlike reveries. It comes off like a masterful mix tape for fans of classic sounds, classic films and classic beats.

Boom Talk Volume One is out now, you can find out more via Facebook as well as his official website. The Abnorm says it’s the first in what he calls ‘a series of feedings’ so be sure to keep an eye out for more intriguing music and visuals.

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