Cult Istanbul-based dream pop duo The Away Days (Oğuz Can Özen and Sezer Koçknow) show they really know how to elicit a positive, post-punk reaction with new single Designed and its accompanying video.

Melodic and awash with warm synths and those calm-inducing vocals, the track sets its stall out in style, as if determined to invite favourable comparisons to early 80s music including the clinical pop of The Human League and the moody emotional nihilism of Joy Division. That sense of comfort and being away from the fears and worries of the world is reinforced by the dream-state vocals, which are as reassuring as they are smooth.

The band say the track and video reflect on ‘unknown powers controlling our daily existence’, something we increasingly see in our own lives.

Can from The Away Days gave some background to the song and video:  “The songs’ theme of control is represented visually through the idea of a sci-fi life-hacker, who is trying to capture and control an innocent girl. But then there’s the question of him being controlled on another level, by someone else and then to question how many layers there are? Sometimes, it feels like you lose control of your choices. It’s like it’s all designed by someone else.”

Designed is out now via Epic Istanbul and can be streamed on Spotify and other major digital outlets. Check out the band’s Facebook page, as well as their Instagram and Twitter feeds to find out about the track, the band and upcoming live dates.