Australian rockers The Dollar Bill Murrays may have a quirky (and very witty!) name, but don’t let that distract you from their music. They do a mean line in raw alt rock, as new track The Shape You Take shows – check the video out below.

With hints of Queens of the Stone Age and Muse in the mix, the band show they have a good ear for tightly wound, addictive hooks and the ability to put an accessible, almost pop veneer on a harder rock sound.

Spiky vocals and straightforward lyrics repeat the message of the song like a mantra as the rhythm section powers the track along with a confident swagger, leaving The Shape You Take both edgy and catchy as it seeks to draw you in – but on its own terms.

The Shape You Take  is out now, you can find out more about how to stream, download and purchase the track here – it’s also available on lovely vinyl. The band will be touring Australia in support of the single, details of the gigs being listed on their official Facebook page.