We’re off to see the Manchester leg of the upcoming Desperate Journalist tour in a few weeks, and we’ll be front and centre to see local noiseniks and opener The Empty Page.  Just one listen to listen to When The Cloud Explodes and you’ll know why we want to catch their ‘fuzzy, feral, frantic’ sound live.

They may sing about a humdrum town, but whereas the Bard of Salford used that setting to wax lyrical about wasted days and lives not quite lived, The Empty Page take a very different tack.

Loud and vibrant, tribalesque drums evoke a post-punk passion as the song takes a swirling and swaggering diversion from the road to introspection. Instead it finds inspiration for purpose, pleasure and industry in the surrounding dourness.

Joy, defiance and more are on display as the track brings to mind acts like The Sounds, Bikini Kill and My Bloody Valentine – alt rock  guitars meeting incisive lyrics and some meaty hooks, the pounding drums adding to the sense of manic invention, all creating a kind of anti-anthem for the post-industrial towns of the UK.

Lead singer Kel had this to say about the track: ‘Anyone that has ever spent much time in the North-West can attest to the fact that it’s always bloody raining’. I think that’s one of the reasons why cities like Manchester and Liverpool are full of creatives. There is so much art, poetry, literature and music here. It’s because we’re always stuck inside having to find novel ways to entertain ourselves.’

When The Cloud Explodes is out now, and a limited edition 7” on orange vinyl is available via Punk Fox Records.  You can download the track via the trio’s Bandcamp page – for details on other streaming and downloading platforms check out their Facebook and Twitter accounts.