I’ll say this for Tuscon’s The Gem Show and Trouble – their music is as uncompromising as their avoidance of social media – nothing besides a Bandcamp page exists: ‘we are plain text only, no HTML’ it states.

With music this raw and vibrant though, I guess you can let it speak for itself.

Comprising of Johnny Schier on drums, Bobby “On Time” Carlson on bass and Dirk Wednesday providing vocals and some mean guitar licks, the band howls and careers its way through three minutes of punky pleasure.

It’s ‘Beefheart meets Pixies at a Chuck Berry convention’ trashorama rock. It’s fun, invigorating and most of all, comes across like a band that don’t care what anyone thinks about their glorious noise – but I think it’s pretty.

Trouble comes from the band’s Meet Yourself album – I think you’ll like it.