New Music: The Ghost of Helags – Waking Up This Town

  • New Music: The Ghost of Helags - Waking Up This Town

Swedish duo The Ghost Of Helags describe their sound as ‘classy Scandinavian electronica, filtered through Berlin grit’. On Waking Up This Town, John Alexander Ericson (music) and Teresa Woischiski (vocals) create a poignant strain of urbanised ambient synthpop that really gets in to your soul.  Watch it here.

The band says the name is inspired by the mountain of Helags, a mountain range in the north western part of Sweden. Like Waking Up This Town, it’s a home to glacial beauty, far away from the busy Berlin where the track was recorded.

The track is on the band’s Shibuya EP which is available via Warsaw Recordings and can also be streamed on Spotify.

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