Though their Superheroes album has been out a few weeks now, The Irrepressibles have shared The Most Beautiful Boy with the world. They’ve commissioned the most beautiful, engaging video for the track, which you can watch here.

The song is as cinematic and as heart-achingly beautiful as the accompanying video. Jamie Irrepressibles’s vocals feel as if they were born of love, and of the pain that can be caused by that love, dialling up the emotion of the song to ever more intense heights. A stillness lies at the core of it all, a mournful clarity, a baroque pop hymn to love and loss.

Jamie says about the song, “The Most Beautiful Boy is about when in a powerful homosexual love, his inner self is the pure part of himself you fall in love with. It’s the person you wish to protect. These parts of you connect in a playful friendship of joy, innocence and vulnerability, through the openness love encourages. It’s about the profound sadness of letting go of this part of him, and how he deeply sees you, when your relationship ends.”

You can find out more about The Irrepressibles and how to listen to their music by checking out their social media, including Instagram and Twitter. A special vinyl edition of Superheroes, including the This Time EP, has a release date of the 25th of September 2020.