Dublin’s The Pale are a stalwart of Irish alternative music, with the 25th anniversary of their magnificent debut album Here’s One We Made Earlier seeing the band’s early achievements gaining recognition and respect once again. The band have continued to produce excellent music down the years, something that continues with the deliciously decadent Ursa Major.

Ursa Major shows the band continue to produce intelligent, inventive yet approachable rock music. It’s a wry love song of sorts that encompasses everything from high melodrama to doomy rock nuances, all with a 70s Bowie twist – both musically and vocally.

A broad musical palette sees the band escape the confines of the conventional rock sound. That sense of adventures makes for a fresh and fearsome sound, showing that even in their third decade together the band can still produce the goods, giving us something vibrant and engaging whilst retaining a real sense of individuality.

Ursa Major is the first track from the new album Merciful Hour which is due out on 12th April – you can find out more it on the band’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.