GP trainee, bassist and founder member of The Palpitations Nishant Joshi protested outside Downing Street and mounted a legal challenge against the British government around PPE. His band makes just as dynamic an impression on Lights Out.

The song delves into some universal emotions, and incredibly current experiences in a very intimate style. The best way to describe the song is as a ‘quiet anthem.’ It introduces us to the concept of stadium post-punk full of punchy hooks, with a catchy chorus, and a sound that invites favourable comparisons with Placebo and Editors. Because as personal as the song is, it feels perfect for the largest of spaces.

As for the inspiration to the concept behind the song, the band says, “It tells the story of a young couple in quarantine watching Alfred Hitchcock’s THE BIRDS, to the backdrop of a crumbling world.”

You can discover more The Palpitations out over on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Both Lights Out and FEED THE POOR! EAT THE RICH! EP can be streamed on Spotify.