A great thing about blogging is that every now and again you get to hear a track that just blows you away with its complexity, vibrancy and originality. Oboro – the debut single by Japanese duo The Theory For Our Revenge (comprising of COLD FAITH and Jhas) did just that the first time we heard it.

They say the guiding light behind the track was ‘Japonism, Midnight Tokyo, violence and delicacy hidden within ourselves’ and that’s something that is evident from the very first listen.

Coming off like opening theme to a retro-futurist anime, Oboro feels both timeless and of the moment, as if it were the child of a primeval forest and a neon clad city in perpetual night.

Tribal and sparsely electronics with vocals and an arrangement that feel slightly out of phase with reality, for me it personifies the undefinable spirit of the life force that lies with complex ecosystems – natural or manmade.

Dramatic, daring and hiding fragility under pristine surface of perfection, it’s a haunting, memorable debut. Oboro can also be streamed on Spotify and all other major digital outlets – click here to discover more.

The photo used is by Kenya Ishikawa and the clothing by Haider Ackermann.