There’s nothing quite like The Tiger Lillies, as their sumptuous and slinky take on Weimar-infused Chicago/New Orleans Brechtian blues serves to entertain and occasionally scandalise the listener – just like on Devil’s Fairground.

Like a series of vicarious vignettes, it relays the adventures – or should that be the misadventures – of some of life’s more morally ambiguous characters, drink, drugs as well as other dubious distractions making them unaware of the impending arrival of the Grim Reaper until it is all too late.

The track was recorded in Prague, a place they first played in the 90s when the fall of Communism was replaced with hedonism and no small amount of danger.

Devil’s Fairground will feature on the upcoming album of the same name – click here for details on how to pre-order the vinyl edition, or check out their Facebook page for more information on that, as well as upcoming gigs around the world.