New Music: The Ultraverse – Looking For Love

  • New Music: The Ultraverse - Looking For Love

Dutch trio The Ultraverse (compromising of  Huub van Loon, Pim Mulders and Jos van Loon) return to the blog for a third time with their third release; the seductive electro ballad Looking for Love – check it out below.

Even with such a short back catalogue, the band are quickly developing their own signature sound; lush synths and a pulsating presence pervade the song, as the vocals and lyrics bleed with honesty and passion. Mix in the nuances of synthwave elide with glacial arpeggios and it all produces the sensation that you’re listening to someone’s deepest emotion being expressed in musical form.

Looking for Love is steaming now on Spotify along with the trio’s perfectly formed but compact back catalogue. It will also be part of the upcoming A Wiser Man EP that will be released in May 2018. The band  also has some live dates scheduled, including one with Vive La Fête – check out their official Facebook page for more details.

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