Multi-instrumentalists Flora Jackson and Robert Paterson are the duo behind Manchester mayhemists The Vanity Project, with a soundtrack straight from the darker, wilder recesses of the mind – such as on new single, Centaur.

The divine madness at play here won’t be to everyone’s taste. Early Genesis collides with Manc indie swagger and Carter USM. With an ear for the theatrical and a definite talent for the confrontational, the sound of The Vanity Project will be an anathema to some, but I doubt the band really care about that.

As for the ideas that lie behind the song, the band had this to say: “Centaur focuses on the animosities of the Internet Era – from video game enemies to alt-right trolls. Enemies constructed for the sole purpose of being antagonists. The human instinct for conflict.”

Centaur is out now via Eve of Creation. If you want to keep up with the band’s gigs, new music and happenings, give be sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. The band support Dilettante at Gullivers on May 12th.