Liverpool electronic outfit The Webb are one of a kind. They combine their punk backgrounds with a DIY ethos and some ridiculously catchy tunes to boot. Read on for a little insight into their weird and wonderful world.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves. What’s the story behind The Webb and how would you describe your sound?

We started The Webb as a fun little music making project at home. We built a studio in our garage and recorded a collection of 11 songs that we burnt to CD and gave out at gigs we attended, to people we thought looked like they could be interested in our crazy sound. We never intended to play live, it was just a bit of fun, but Derek from The Jan Doyle Band contacted us saying how much he loved what we were doing and before we knew it he had secured us a gig on Hardware 2 at the Retro Bar Manchester. We began frantically figuring out if we were able to do this with just the 2 of us, and with plenty of help and research we came up with a strategy of backing tapes and live instruments and voice. We would describe our sound as quirky, first wave Electro Punk/Goth.

What motivates you and inspires your music, aesthetic and vibe?

We are motivated by hopefully taking people into an alternative reality for the time they listen to us and watch us. We want it to be a message of hope from the darkness.., real yet fantasy… We want the dark to be fun as well as menacing, cute yet disturbing.

Live, The Webb play a pretty eclectic range of events including a lot of punk festivals and lineups. How do the crowds take to your  sound and performances?

We both come from a mainly punk background. Marc played the drums on the punk scene for many bands for over 20 years and Becki is a regular face on the scene. Considering that what we do is very genre challenging, we realised that playing on the punk scene as any other could be a big ask but in general we have been accepted with open arms by everyone and considered as something of a breath of fresh air. Music is, or used to be, about doing something new and we hope we are at least going some way towards that.

Your band bio mentions ‘DIY ethics’ as an important part of The Webb. Tell us more about that and how you incorporate those ethics into your music and art.

DIY is a big statement widely used on most of the underground scenes. Nowadays it is a lot easier to achieve with the way technology has gone, but basically it means to us that we write, perform and stay in control of everything we do. We make all our own videos and everyone we work with lets us do everything the way we want to do it. The opportunity is there for everyone now. If you can bring happiness to even just one person then you are doing a good job.. For example, we did our 1st ever video Situations and just put it up on YouTube. Before we knew it GothicWorldWide had shared it and Then Chose 11. DIY works as there is something out there for everyone – you just need to take the time to look somewhere different from the mainstream channels.

Your debut album A Dark Place was released last year by Gothic World Records over in Italy. How did the partnership with them come about, and have you any plans for a follow up release?

Yeah, Rob From Gothic World Records has been very supportive and gt our music into places we had no idea about. He found us on Facebook and we did a 4 track EP (free to download) which introduced us. It did so well that he asked us to consider doing a physical CD, something his label had never done before. We went for it and we are glad we did it, because contrary to popular opinion people do still want physical CDs. We have even had to get a second pressing done so we still have them for gigs.

They can be ordered through the Gothic World Records site and its also on , iTunes, Spotify etc. for those who prefer downloads or streaming. We have new stuff in the pipeline and it’s all looking excellent for a release next year. There will also be a physical CD based here in the UK.

What’s next for The Webb? Any upcoming live dates you can share?

We seem to getting more and more dates added as we speak. Of course we are playing an excellent gig in Manchester on the 17th of September for those Brilliant AnalogueTrash people, so please come to that as they are always well organised and lots of fun. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page as we update it regularly and wouldn’t want any of you spiders missing us if we play near to you.