It was a busy week, with the day (night) job being super hectic, and then we hit Sonder Festival for some good times! There was work to be done as well, as we curated a stage wearing our AnalogueTrash hats. We had a few bands from the label play to an appreciative crowd, helped raise some money for charity and had a really good time! The Sonder guys do a great job bringing together local artists, musicians and performers as well working alongside homelessness charities, food banks and mental health charities. It’s a win-win and it was a privilege to be a small part of it! And on with the music!

Blood Cultures tag their new sing Moon as being ‘tropical meets psychedelic synth’ and it certainly fits.  Woozy synths and reverb laden vocals conjure up a vibe that makes Empire of the Sun sound like gabba! Moon has a lovely, hazy feel to it, like you’re sitting by a river and know you need to go, but not just yet. The track will be on their forthcoming debut album Happy Birthday due out July 21st.

Figures Bathed in Light is a majestic piece of anthemic dream pop from Los Angeles based duo Moxi. The track see Anna and Anna Toy following up the success of Save Me with another tune that takes  elements from pop, classic cinema and 80’s new wave; combining them with Anna’s ethereal yet punchy vocals to result in their own unique and immediate sound. The track will be featured on the upcoming EP of the same name.

Swedish label Hybris has an amazing record in putting out quality left field electronica and has come up trumps again with Traces by Nite Flights, which follows on from their 2016 album Jet Lag. A side project of Azure Blue main man Tobias Isaksson, the track just oozes with class, with an air of icy detachment evident behind the motorised bassline, pitch-shifted vocals and plaintive lyrics. Haunted and haunting in turn, it’s a song that will have you dancing moodily on your own and reflecting on loves lost. The track will feature on his upcoming album call Scandinavian Noir.

Enopap from Fantasque really intrigued me – it’s a song I found hard to categorise, with its hints of Kraftwerk and EBM the track is downtempo and soothing, but has an edge to it, like you’re not sure where it’s going to take you. The track is from the recent Life Beyond Logic album which features another nine tracks of genre-defying electronica.

Color Drowned by Zeme is another track that plays outside the genre boundaries. There’s a slight musical debt to bands like Daft Punk and Air in the sound for sure, but the angelic vocals of Bethany Conerly and the mesmerising guitar playing of Joe Zempel give the track a fresh and different feel. Hearing what sounds like a steel guitar on an electronica track is certainly a new and welcome occurrence!

Billy Fox’s Taste showcases his ability to produce genre-bending compositions, laying down sultry pulsating beats that meld with soul-infused vocals that have been likened to James Vincent McMorrow; and beautifully capped off with intricately-layered aural delights reminiscent of acts like SOHN & Aquilo.

French producer and renowned remixer Dim Sum teams up with vocalist Nina Lili J on Right Track, a silky smooth, lowkey dance track – part downtempo, part early Detroit techno, allied with featherlight vocals to create a sound that is 100% class. It’s the follow up to his track High Love which garnered over 5 million plays on Spotify and this track is sure to follow it its musical footsteps. The track from his upcoming EP which will be released via Soundress.

London producer Kumali aka Andy Dorkings displays a staggering array of musical and vocal dexterity and skill on Kumali, the lead track from his debut self-titled EP. Focusing on predominantly organic textures provided by a variety of acoustic sounds, Kumali uses extensive layering of clean guitar with programmed drums to achieve his unique sound. There’s echoes of artists like Bonobo and The XX in here, but it delivers a very different and enriching experience for the listener.

Canadian Petra Glynt unleashes an in your face electro track that’s almost tribal in nature on her latest release Fell In A Hole. Her powerful, almost operatic vocals take the lead on a song that’s rhythmic and crunchy and almost overpowering in its intensity. She says of the song: ‘It’s a reflection from a bird’s eye view. How different their view is of the landscape and natural world below as they fly above looking for a place to land, food to eat, shelter, etc. and how it greatly differs from a human’s view of it based on how we use it and treat it, specifically in reference to resource extraction and how overconsumption has visibly shaped the landscape. Take a look at aerial photography of the Alberta tar sands for example.’ Hard hitting stuff! The track is out now via Vibe Over Method

Finally this weekend we have Homesick Lover from Galleriet, which sees the LA-based Swedish electronic musician Katharina Stenbeck release her first solo material after the demise of Folding Legs. The track sees her take elements of their sound, but accentuates the electronic side of their alt dance vibe – the sparse electro feel of the song is very much intensified by Stenbeck’s vocals. Dystopic disco for the disappointed in love – that’s Homesick Lover. The track will be featured on her upcoming Romantic Gestures album. We’ve heard a preview of the album and it really is something amazing!

See you next time!