Well that week has flown by! Here we are again, with another ten of the best tracks to come our way in the last week or so. As ever we have mixed it up with the tracks ranging from the bounciest of pop to darker sounds of the Borough of Brooklyn. Enjoy this trip!

We’re kicking things off this week with some delightful electropop courtesy of CLUBHOUSE. Kyra is an upbeat pop number with a deliciously sing-along chorus reminiscent of some of the best hits of the 80s. There’s clearly a healthy dose of retro influence here, but the polished production and high-end instrumentation on this track situates it very much in 2017. Keep an eye out for more.

Keeping with the quality pop theme, next up we’ve a new remix of Voi Vang’s latest single Mirrror, courtesy of multi-talented and effervescent pop-pickers Real Experts. If you’re unfamiliar with her work, Voi Vang is a vocalist and producer currently living in London and we’re big fans. Imagine a darker, more introspective Lady Gaga and you’re close to describing this talented artist’s vibe.

Continuing in a lighter musical vibe, I Thought You Needed My Love by Memoryy is pure unashamed synthpop with openly emotional lyrics about a love gone wrong. This song is a collaboration with California based producer and will appear on Memoryy’s third album SKELETONS due to drop later this year. The last year has seen him gain kudos for his remixes, but 2017 will be all about his own music.

Brooklyn based Mic Raygun calls his music ‘Megalomanic Industrial Pop’ and his latest offering I’m Saved certainly fits that description. With hints of classic Nine Inch Nails and some darker synthpop, it sounds like a politicised Trent Reznor putting the world to rights over some occasionally dissonant beat and samples. This track proves that there is always someone out there working away to mix up genres to create some unique and pleasing to listen to. I’m Saved is the first release from his new album Sentimental Fuck Ups.

When you hear Susperia 2 by SleaphingDreaming it reinforces the fact that there’s obviously something special going on in Brooklyn right now. There’s a dark almost ambient industrial edge to this track, with a density and richly layered feel that despite its electronic nature feels almost like a rock track at times with its digital riffing. Powerful stuff.

Love in the Dark by Simra is a beautiful number and it glows with class and sophistication from the vocals through to the production. A slight retro influence doesn’t stop this electro ballad from sounding fresh, modern and a little left field with its lyrical musings on love. It’s very ethereal, very seductive and very, very good.

Giacomelli’s track Nimbus Villany is a soothing yet equally pulsating track. With its  hat tipped firmly towards 70’s Berlin and Dusseldorf  in its’ minimal motorik influences, the track also adds more ambient and almost psychedelic elements to the mix. One for the autobahn of the mind, hopefully the upcoming EP Weather Calculator from which this is the first track released will feature more of this immersive electronic sound.

Awake Me by tunnelmental is an interesting track from a very interesting band. The band was born from a collision of the post-punk and rave scenes and it certainly shows here. It’s a bass heavy, danceable number with a political slant. Musically and spiritually it exists somewhere between The Beloved, Psychic TV and Moby. It really is that good!

Keeping it on the alternative end of the dance floor is Black Wave by Copenhagen based Mercyfox. They describe their music as having a ‘core of danceable rock rock spiked with in-your-face- synths’ and that is precisely what this track delivers. It’s uplifting, it’s bouncy and it really drives you along. Christoffer Hein and Dragut Lugalzagosi have a great future ahead of them if they carry on releasing music as good as this.

Last up but certainly not least is By My Side by Empathy Test. It is well crafted, atmospheric and has an emotional warmth to it that gets right in to you. It’s not as immediate and hook-laden as some of their previous material, but after a few listens the track begins to draw you in. It feels like the band is stepping up to the next level musically if this track is anything to go by and this track really shows a different side of their repertoire.

See you next time!