A new feature for 2017, we’ve taken 10 of the best new electronic tracks that we’ve discovered this week and compiled them into one handy playlist. This week’s selection features an eclectic mix of indie electronica, synthpop and a couple of musical curveballs that we think you’ll enjoy. Happy listening.

We kick off this week’s roundup with a track from The Deer Tracks, from their recent album Undersvik. Home is an ethereal slice of indie electronic goodness from this exciting Swedish band who have just returned after a three year break. We’re glad they’re back.

Next up  we’ve Rise and Fall, the first single from the debut album of Night Drive. Imagine a more synth-driven version of The Killers or Interpol and you’re close to imagining how good this is. A real must for fans of dark electro-pop with a retro sheen.

Zita is an artist we’ve covered before, and her unique mix of violin and electronic production continues to impress. On  I Need You, a recent collaboration with vocalist Pratikkk it feels like Zita has added a whole new dimension to her already excellent musical style. More of this please.

With their new album due on the 3rd of February, Ten Fé’s debut single Twist Your Arm heralds a bright future for this upcoming band. There’s a real INXS and Primal Scream sound to this track, and their album promises more of the same alongside a few surprises. Keep an eye out.

Relative newcomers to the scene, EVREMNIT’s track Selfish has a real standout quality to it. There’s a solid trip-hop sound here, but with the addition of an eerie, dark ambient vibe and some seriously haunting vocals that make this less a song you listen to and more something you experience for four minutes and thirty five seconds.

Already on the verge of success having played some seriously high profile shows, Cut_ have just dropped their new single Undertow. Taking some arguably mainstream sensibilities and forging them into something quite different; this is a track that really caught our attention and will yours, too.

Another new name to us, Momo Pixel is a bit of a mystery. What  we do know, is that her new track Push blends soulful vocals with a lo-fi, glitch-fueled soundscape that’s as engaging as it is unique, and that the track is from her recent EP Dexter’s Lab which is available to stream on Soundcloud.

The third single from Jen Gloeckner’s newly released album Vine, this track is actually a crossfade of two tracks, Vine and Firefly (War Dance). If you’re a fan of elegant, female fronted electronica with an almost classical twist then this woman’s work is most definitely for you.

The Rush is the first single from Treasureseason’s new EP XY. It’s a bright, uptempo and almost wistful track that oozes classy 80s pop melodies and clever vocal arrangements. An instant hit in the AnalogueTrash office, the EP is released on the 19th of February.

Full disclosure – we’re all unashamed fans of Austra here, and if her new single Future Politics is a hint of what’s to come for the band’s new album and upcoming tour then we’re all over this. For the uninitiated, Austra’s powerful blend of heartfelt lyrics and rich vocal style are a real stand out feature here. The music is uptempo and driving, and this is very much forward thinking, intelligent electropop for a new generation.