Hello there! This week, once again we’re straight in to our top ten picks that comprise the Weekly Roundup! Brace yourselves then get listening.

Luna is the first track released by Kuzo, a new indie electro-pop duo hailing from Los Angeles. The song will feature on their upcoming EP. It’s a super chilled sounding affair, mellow female vocals gliding sweetly over a track that drips with a sunny sophistication.

Staying in America but this time eastwards to Ohio and the eclectic ambiance of MirosAlter of The None – a track which samples Oriental beats and classical riffs, weaving in elements of drum n bass, EDM and trance to take the listener on a cosmic, musical trip in to the near future.

Saint Mesa is the solo project of Danny McCook – the 21-year-old from Mission Viejo, California who began to conceive the concept for what became Lion and its parent EP Jungle when recovering from illness. Taking an almost tribal beat and an innate sense of spirituality and filtering them through layers of modern electronica, McCook manages to create a track that sounds ancient and modern at the same time.

I Want For Nothing by Pablo Nouvelle features UK singer-songwriter Favela and it sees Nouvelle on great form. His honey-sweet take on electronic pop reveals some soulful and at times almost acid jazz notes on this latest track which is a taster for his upcoming album, due out early 2018. Oh, and the vocal harmonies are to die for!

UK artist Vasser shows youth is no barrier to making great music with his track Puzzle Of Us. Featuring on his new A Telling End EP, its sees the 18-year-old show an astonishing level of maturity, effortlessly mixing diverse dance genres into a slice of evocative yet wordless expression of emotion.

Black Coast’s latest release Medicine features the dreamy tones of Helene Svaland, from Norwegian band Ponette. Despite the entirely electronic nature of the track, Svaland’s vocals and the overall arrangement of the track makes it feel like an esoteric encounter with some new form of leftfield shoegaze – it just invites you to get lost in its sound.

Diamond Rain by Tonio Sagan is an amazing slice of ambient music and has the most amazing concept behind it.  The grandchild of Carl Sagan, he connected with the musical aspect of the Voyager expedition, by using sounds and samples from the golden discs sent in to space as a basis for his tracks. If you want to find out more about this ongoing project, click here.

For me, Anna Of The North can simply do no wrong, and Always continues their track record of releasing sublime yet wistful pop singles. There’s a beautiful fragility to Anna Lotterud’s voice that gets me every time. In combination with the sparse but warm electronica of Brady Daniell-Smith you’re on to a sure-fire winner.   Check out the new album Lovers – you won’t be disappointed!

Originally from Chile but currently based in Berlin, Tomás Novoa caught our attention with his track Vuelta al Sol – you can hear a bit of Berlin in there, but the driving beat of techno has been smoothed out and woven intricately in to beats and rhythms that are soothing and addictive. The track is from his current EP Raíces which can download for free via his Soundcloud page.

Last up this week is nav/attack  – a duo storming out of Los Angeles with their track Centipede which sees Andrew Lynch and Jason Echeverría take the driving rhythms of old-school EBM and throw a lot of rock sensibility in to the mix. The electronic sheen of the track is humanised by Echeverria’s drumming, resulting in a track that melds a cool European beat with a very American rock n roll attitude.

Well that’s it for this week, hope you found something of interest, I know I did. Until next week!