Our second instalment of the weekly roundup sees us in some unusual places musically, with everything from 80’s glam metal, dark wave and big room serving up some unique and interesting sounds that will hopefully hit a musical sweet spot. Get involved.

First up in this weeks’ roundup is the latest single from production duo Genevieve Vincent and Chris James, otherwise known as darkDARK. Restless features the sweet and ethereal vocals of Haley Bonar who proves her voice works as well over dreamy electro-pop as it does in her usual indie and country tinged fare. This is one for fans of Avec Sans and CHVRCHES.

Following that is Collapse from FRAGRANCE – a French based synthpop project comprising of Matthieu Roche. The track treads a clever line between darkwave, coldwave and beat driven synthpop. It puts in mind the minimal electro-pop of older acts like Deux as well as more current acts like TR/ST and that’s a very good thing. The track features on the upcoming EP Dust & Disorders.

Be Charlotte give us One Drop and we love this. It is certainly a powerful, innovative sound; with its blend of indie and electro with a great vocal style from Charlotte Brimner. They’ll be at SXSW2017 and by the time you will read this, will have played the Eurosonic Festival. A band to watch in 2017!

Gea is the stage name of Helsinki based singer-songwriter Laura Avonius. Her track Followers is a charming and entrancing number with windchimes and violins providing a beautiful counterplay to a minimal electronic backing. Followers brings artists like Bjork and Kate Bush to mind, without being derivative.

Wonder N Wane is the second track from the E.P. Mountain Gazer which was released by Manchester based but Irish born Alan Keary, otherwise known as Shunya. Another act showing some inspiration from Bjork, but taking a very different path: a rolling tune and vocals with attitude entwine with tricky and skittish, jazzed up drum work.

Fix Myself sees Los Angeles based Todavia bring a more guitar oriented sound to the playlist with a trippy, almost dreamy vocal and instrumental set up. It’s a modern fairytale told in almost lullaby form, but with a darkness underneath all the beauty. Repeated listening brings new elements to the fore each time, so it’s well worth listening to this over and over.

We’ve featured MAGDALENA BAY before and loved them; and with Neon they really have come up with another gem. It takes the best of soulful 80’s ballads, fuses in some modern pop sensibility and flavours the mixture with a hint of yacht rock to deliver a really captivating, enjoyable song.

Bringing us back to earth with a meaty and bouncy bump is Missfit by Rein. Peaches meets Poison (that is the best thing ever in my book) in this dirty electro-punk shock rocker. It’s sleazy, it’s fun and it is sure to cause some potentially x-rated moves on the dancefloors – electrogoths, punks, ravers and rockers will love this track!

Staying on the dance floor with a track of the more upbeat and accessible variety, Midnight has Bristol based artist Anki working with vocalist Hicari to provide us with a rock twist and elements of Swedish big room house. You’ll know what I mean when you hear it!

Finally, we’re edging from the dancefloor and looking more towards the dystopian future, Scandroid finish off this week’s playlist with Neo-Tokyo. A side project by Celldweler main man Klayton, this sounds very different to his other week – a shiny, synth led trip through retro 80’s sounds that is sure to please the ear. Be sure to check out Scandroid;  the self-titled album the track comes from. New wave synth goodness abounds.

I hope you’ve enjoyed listening.