Well, this week was all about work, but we did go see the wonderful Kyla La Grange during the week. It reminded me of why live music is so much fun! A few hundred people all packed in to a sweaty room full of happiness and camaraderie that can spontaneously erupt at gigs. I was impressed at the way she hung around for an hour after the gig, shooting the breeze with fans about everything from their favourite songs to her setup on stage. It’s those touches that make you feel special as a fan, you get to tell an artist what they mean to you, or chat for a bit and you’re appreciated in return. And so, on with this weeks’ playlist of musical magnificence.

Kan Wakan is back with another beauty in No Line. It sees the LA-based, producer and composer team up with SAIGO to serve up a unique and successful fusion of soul, reggae and rock sounds that grabs the attention of your ears and feet. The follow-up to Still Feather, No Lines bodes well for Wakan’s upcoming triple LP Phantasmagoria.

Chinese-American producer, singer, and multimedia artist Xie has debuted with a collaborative single Just Like Me, featuring producer/singer V!RTU. The track throws an exciting mix of R&B,  pop sounds and a hint of  8-bit/chiptune that made me think that if The Knife had more of an eye on the dancefloor, they’d probably sound like this.

Calma by UtUtUt from Buenos Aires has a lovely Summer feel to it – with laid back beats and a hint of electro-swing making a perfect backdrop for Dana’s vocals which are delivered with sultry style that could make a statue smile.

Swedish duo Lokatt make what they describe as ‘techno pop’ but if Samoa By Night from the band’s Samoa EP is anything to go by, they certainly have a sense of humour to match their musical talent. The Pacific Island inspired opening of the track quickly turns in to something more bouncy and electronic but the song has a playful nature in the midst of its techno brooding. Unusual but very enjoyable.

Waiting For You by Dutch musician and producer  Paul Mayson is a quality, straight up pop tune, with elements of indie and electronica giving the song a very immediate feel. Featuring the vocals of Insali, the song packs a lot of punch in to just two and a half minutes!

Irish producer EMBERZ shows with Higher that downtempo and retrowave inspired music can display a wealth of depth and emotion, whilst really pushing the boundaries of the genres. Though sonically very different, in terms of approach Casey can be compared to Savant; grabbing disparate elements to make his own very chilled and addictive sound. The track is from his upcoming EP Progress which is due out early July.

Glitch by newcomer Maxx, creates her own musical universe – part early Italo, vocal styling that wouldn’t be out of place on a Suzanne Vega track, a little smattering of 8bit and a healthy dose of melancholia make a sound for those who are a bit world weary, but still willing to give it all one much chance.

New Yorker Lissa Lo is a self-taught musician and judging from Brilliant she has learned well! It has some tight R&B flavoured sounds, emotive vocals and a bit of attitude indicates that the upcoming EP, also called Brilliant should be well worth a listen.

Goddamnit by Joy Downer has a feel of the girlpop drama singles of the early 60’s – full of the frustration of love and the conflicting emotions it engenders. They describe the song as being ‘an ode to long distance relationships whether across the world or across the room’. There’s an amazing oneness about this track, such a singular sound and vision I didn’t initially realise it was two people –husband and wife duo Jeffrey Downer and Joy Bishop.

Lucy by Nihla mines a similar musical territory to acts like Lana Del Rey and Zola Jesus, but whereas those acts go for the epic sounds and layers of grandeur, Nihla takes  a more personalised and heartfelt approach to matters of life and more. Oh, and check out the slightly naughty video for the track.

Same time next week?