This week has mainly been about work and sleep (or the lack of it) and listening to lots of new music for the blog, the radio station and new releases of bands I like. One track that excited me was tonite -the new track from LCD Soundsystem. It sent me off on a tangent and got me thinking about how we listen to music, as I’ve been telling people that it reminds me of Headhunter from Front 242, but no one else hears that. That’s probably because I’m basing the comparison on a few seconds of bass line, not the actual song itself. That particular bit of the track resonates with me, triggers memories and makes me experience the song in a different way to other people. It’s one of the things that makes music such a personal experience I guess, we take our preferences, histories and emotions and filter the work of musicians through them. It can make a song what we want to hear, not always what it actually is, which must be hard for musicians at times. Speaking of musicians, on with the weekly roundup!

Hampus Svard’s put me in a cage is a unique little gem – it sees the New York based Swede plough his own musical path; a bit indie, a bit electro, a bit goth and all topped off the with coolest guitar riff and sonorous vocals reminiscent of Brandon Flowers, which balance out the electronic feel of the track. The song features on his latest release Superman’s Love Letter, which is well worth checking out and can be purchased on Bandcamp.

American duo sleepercub whip up a bewitching brew on The Ocean’s Salt. Produced by Alek Fin, it’s a moody, entrancing take on dreampop which sees band members David and Angelique taking turns on vocal duties over sweeping synths and a left field percussion to deliver a sound that is melodic, ethereal and memorable. The Oceans’ Salt is currently streaming on Spotify and you can check out the band’s previous release on Bandcamp.

A very different approach to electronic music is taken by Autumns on his track Focused Youth. It sees the Irish producer unleash banks of doomy synths and oppressive percussion to create a sound that envelops and at times overwhelms the listener. Think Merzbow or Author & Punisher but with a more rhythmic bent – that’s Focused Youth. The track will feature on his upcoming Suffocating Brothers album which is currently up for pre-order on Bandcamp, and you also stream his impressive back catalogue on Spotify.

Australian producers Blondebears pull off a difficult feat on Sedative (Laura) by taking elements of trip hop commonly associated with the likes of Massive Attack, then reimagining and using them to deliver a track that is emotional, brooding and individual. It builds slowly and utilises the lyrics, vocals and bass line effectively, creating a sense of uncertainty and vulnerability that is captivating and engaging.

As a taster for her upcoming album Redux, Halina Rice has debuted the track Kwymo – a haze of 80’s analogue synth sounds and an almost percussive bass, serving up a song that draws on electronic, bass and ambient influences to leave the track in a musical space that echoes Goldfrapp or Ray of Light era Madonna but from a more experimental perspective. The album is due out October 20th via Blurred Recordings but can be pre-ordered on iTunes and you can check out more of Rice’s music here.

San Diego-based musician David Lopez aka DLA  has dropped the follow-up to Talking, and with its fusion of electric guitar, indie synth textures, slightly altered vocals and electronic beats, Sidelines take the listener on a journey in to the darker side of indie-dance. Chic style guitar riffs collide seamlessly with the hypnotic lyrics and the electro-shoegaze feel of the track, making the listener feel like they’re in the middle of a slightly unsettling but immersive daydream.

Sweatshop is the title track of Disasteradio’s self-released album and sees self-styled bedroom producer Luke Rowell take a modern, high energy approach to a slightly retro sound. The track is all vocodered vocals and driving beats, with some 8bit and 80’s new wave all in the mix, balancing pure pop and experimental sounds in one fun filled package.

Stalgia is Lauren Day and Brandon Leslie, childhood friends who are musical partners. On Talk To My Skin the duo delivers up an anthemic slice of downtempo infused R&B, full of insight and emotion. It’s a precursor to their upcoming Nomad EP, which is sure to please if gives us more music that feeds the heart and the mind as smoothly and sublimely as Talk To My Skin.

Katarina Gleicher and Elliot Glasser are Fyohna, who have followed up Ghost Heart with another treasure in the form of Believe You. The track, which features on their self-titled EP is like every Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie summed up in a neat little package – think Pillow Talk wrapped up in musical form, but maybe with a sharper edge, observing the little things that happen in romances and relationships. Gleicher’s vocals have a playfully wry quality to them that given the song a warmth, smoothening the incisive lyrical content.

We Don’t Have Eyes sees Norwegian trio  Whales & This Lake take us on a beautiful musical trip, crafting a low key electro-indie love song that pitches their sound somewhere between the icy emotionality of Kite and the stirring pop sound of Kent. Bringing their musical backgrounds in genres as diverse as jazz, electronica and pop in to play, the trio are sure to please with the upcoming debut album Send a Man Down which is bound to gain them greater success outside their native country.

That’s it for this week, next weekend I’m off for some festival fun and will be returning tired but happy and I hope you all have some good times in the coming week.