The Weekly Roundup 22.01.17

  • The Weekly Roundup 22.01.17

We should all know the drill by now but just in case you’re new to this feature, here’s how it goes: our weekly playlist is a  selection of ten tracks that have crossed our path in the last week. Spanning a number of genres and sounds – from electro to ambient, love songs to politics – the key factor bringing them all together is that we loved them. Just like the last week really, a real rollercoaster of love, lies, pain and happiness. I hope you enjoy the tracks we’ve selected for you!

First up on this weeks’ playlist is Matt Springfield. His new track Things I’ve Said is a brooding electro number, with a new and extra sense of urgency courtesy of a sprinkling of remixing fairy dust courtesy of Rob Dust. There are hints of Depeche Mode at their electro rock best here, and also a whiff of M83. Not bad company to be in.

In a change of tone, next up is Procession from Tristan Eckerson. It’s brooding, but of a very different type – more aloof, more cerebral and more for the intellect than the dance floor. It builds slowly but surely to a emotional crescendo; like the funeral song for a forgotten Emperor – majestic, otherworldy and designed to awe.

A more traditional track; Bad Blood is a downtempo synthpop number from New York based artist ROULES. Emotionally dark lyrics tell the tale of a dysfunctional relationship whilst the music creates a hypnotic backdrop which adds to the whole romantically bleak ambience of the track. One to watch out for!

Sofi Tukker follow on with the simply amazing Johny – a Southern Gothic take on Serge Gainsbourg, all filtered through an electronic  and almost tribal 60s sound. The lyrics are a real stand out point here  – they sound very much like Brazilian Portuguese with some English added and it is all very sensual. It is a great track and we’ve been listening to it on repeat here in the office all week.

The Sunset & The Coalpit is from Manchester (UK) based artist Baum Jr. Heartfelt male vocals in a track that incorporates genres as diverse as symphonic metal and synthwave. That works a lot better that it sounds on paper, trust me. Give it a listen and see for yourself.

From love to politics, CocoRosie team up with ANOHNI to bring us an off kilter, angry polemic in Smoke ‘em Out which channels their righteous anger at Donald Trump into a fierce, rhythmic and heartfelt look at the future of America. A track that needs to be heard!

Lightening the musical tone is Matinee from Reyna – a band we have feature before here on AnalogueTrash. This time round Victoriah and Hannah Gabriela Banuelos provide us with an excellent track that wouldn’t be amiss on a date night mix tape. It sounds all lovely and romantic, until you listen to the lyrics! And you should. This band really is something special.

Rod Thomas never fails to create lovely, uplifting tracks in his popular guise as Bright Light Bright Light. Go Long is very much an homage to the great 80s synth driven pop sound. You can hear hints of The Eagles and Go West in this new track which is about star crossed lovers parting ways. Go Long is a preview of the upcoming EP Running Back To You which will be released on the 24th of February.

On to the next track and the tempo changes markedly – Humours from KAS-tro: an experimental electronic duo compromising og of Alvin Lee Ryan and Tony Russell. It’s a dark and sinister track with an ambient vibe that hints of a strange musical land somewhere between with house and Industrial. A strong track from a strong EP titled Self Interest which is well worth checking out.

Finishing us off this week is a bit of Dutch electronica from The Ultraverse. Silent Call is a cool and classy little number with soothing, soulful male vocals over a driving bassline line and electronic instrumentation that is a successful blend of synthpop, house and trance – it really is a marvel and is very much a grower.

Thanks for listening!

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