New Music: This Human Condition – Breaking the Code

  • New Music: This Human Condition - Breaking the Code

Overtly political synthpop is a rare thing; and well done political synthpop is even rarer still! Luckily for us, Bristol band This Human Condition does it very, very well with Breaking The Code. The band wrote the song on the day Alan Turing got his posthumous Royal Pardon and it is part tribute to the work he did and part polemic about what society subsequently did to him. Give it a listen.

The track itself is a very much a dark take on synthpop, in keeping with the subject matter and is released alongside two remixes: one is an acid infected turn by Sauerwelt whilst the LPF remix takes the track in a more Scandi-pop direction. The track is the first single from the band’s upcoming album Project Zero.

The track also aimed to raise the profile of a petition to pardon the tens of thousands of men convicted in similar circumstances to Turing, something that has since been passed into law in the UK. A great cause and a powerful track.

Photo by Igor Tylek Photography.


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