TIGER TIGER is the creative outlet for German composer and producer Cornelia Breinbauer, who released her O TRUST EP last week. A particular highlight is the left field, feminist soul of FUTURE CLUB, with its stunning video by Susanne Steinmass.

The soul in the track comes from the vocals and Breinbauer’s ability to channel emotion and otherness simultaneously, as if letting you see right inside the mind and heart of the singer. Musically it’s a fusion that shouldn’t work on paper: 60s psychedelia, deconstructed beats and rhythms ally with an earth-shattering bass line, creating a curious but rewarding musical and political statement.

FUTURE CLUB and the O TRUST EP are currently streaming on Spotify and all major digital platforms. For more information on that, new music and more from TIGER TIGER, you can catch up with them on Facebook or Instagram.

The EP was produced by Sam Irl and Cornelia Breinbauer.