New Music: Tishmal – Underneath

  • New Music: Tishmal - Underneath

Underneath is the debut release from Tishmal, the musical project of Utah based Rachel Brockbank. For a debut track, it’s fair to say Brockbank already has a strong musical and visual presence, painting shades of light and dark with her lyrics and music; as can be seen in the Nick Rush directed video for the single.

The word Tishmal comes from the Luiseño Native American language and means hummingbird; she says the name was given to her as a young girl, around the same time she began to seriously write music.

Underneath has a successful duality about it, there’s a sophisticated pop feel for sure, along with the accessibility and emotional edge commonly associated with the Scandi sound. But going hand in hand with that there’s an air of languid class about the song.

Some of it is down to the production and arrangement, courtesy of producers Mason Porter (and Christian Darais, but Brockbank’s vocals are the real star here, with subtle inflections that put the listener in mind of Robyn, or Lana Del Rey as her lyrics and vocal style weave a tapestry of emotions.

Underneath is out now, currently streaming on Spotify and you can find out more about Tishmal via the official artist website.

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