Based in Los Angeles, based dream pop project todavía is the work of multi-instrumentalist Rhyan Riesgo on vocals, keyboard and guitar. Sweet as honey but sharp as a bee sting, new track Europa is sure to please, even as it occasionally confounds the listener.

Describing the meaning behind the song, todavía says is a reflection on the ‘never-ending, painfully frustrating, tragically horrid anxiety that plagues your mind until you end up in oblivion with your own nightmarish thoughts.’ That feeling of unsettled, unquantifiable dread comes through in the sharp undertones to the arrangement, even though they are tempered by a classic shoegaze guitar melody.

Sure, the percussion and soft synths create a dreamlike state, but one where waking never seems close at hand. Think the syrupy haze of Drab Majesty wedded to the upfront lyrics of Mr.Kitty, and you’ll get a flavour of the ambrosia-infused angst that flows through Europa

Europa by todavía is out now and can also be streamed on Spotify and Bandcamp. To find out more about todavía, including news on upcoming live dates such as September’s gig in Los Angeles, check out the band’s Facebook account.