With a life that has been lived out in two of the world’s most vibrant and often chaotic metropolises – London and Lagos – you might expect Tony Njoku’s sound to be gritty and urban. But his music is something else – beautiful, special and transcendent. Check out the Max Jedwab directed video for As We Danced below.

Swirling with a powerful yet ethereal air, complex rhythms confound and delight the listener in equal measure. Though superficially it exhales exquisiteness with every delicate breath, the lyrics belie a different and more sombre story.

As he sings ‘You twist me out of shape; you shape me how you want. Oh you couldn’t relate? To the movements in this space?’ you get the sense that underneath the musical dreamstate is a darker but possibly beautiful message.

As We Danced is out now and is taken from the album H.P.A.C. which was released 27th April 2018 on Silent Kid Records and is available on Bandcamp, Spotify and all major digital outlets.