Hot on the heels of their last single The Rush (which we featured on AnalogueTrash oddly enough!) Anglo-French trio Tremors have returned with another synthpop stormer in the form of new single Technicolour. Have a listen and see what you think.

Johnny (vocals), Jordan (synths/programming/production) and Patrick (drums) are a tight unit and you can pick that up in the first few seconds of Technicolour. The vocals bubble with emotion and the arrangement fizzes with unbridled energy, bright and bubbly pop in primary colours going on an adventure in love and taking the listener along for the ride.

 is out now and be sure with the bands’ previous releases on Spotify. Tremors will be 10th April sees them at the Electrowerkz supporting Tyne whilst 5th May the trio will be at Live At Leeds festival with more dates to be confirmed for later this year.