Since his Fixion album was released in 2016, Copenhagen based musician Anders Trentemøller has been working on a new chapter of his always evolving blend of indie and electronica. As a taster for that voyage of musical discovery , he recently dropped a new track called In The Garden.

The track will feature on the Obverse album and sees the Danish maestro move another step away from his previously more electronic-driven sound. A thundering bass line seems to be forever rumbling in the distance, creating an unnerving sensation, dovetailing with the glacial female vocals of Lina Tullgren and studied, sonorous but very human lead guitar melody. Dark wave and post-punk have been around for over four decades now, but you can always rely on artists the calibre of Trentemøller to bring a freshness and vitality to these longstanding strands of alternative music.

In The Garden is out now and will also feature on the upcoming album with is due for release in the autumn of 2019. You can find out more about the album and forthcoming live appearances by checking out his Facebook and Instagram feeds.