It doesn’t seem so long ago that we featured Tripnaha’s track Zuper Zummer, but they’re back with another delicious slice of electro infused, almost-gothic trip-pop in the form of If Life. The Swedish duo have filmed an Alec Erlingmark directed video to accompany the track, which you can watch below.

Now based in Berlin where the video for the track was made, Elin Johansson and Fredd Jakobsen say they take inspiration from vintage synth pop and ambient electronic music and incorporate field recordings to create their sound.

You can hear that on If Life, as the synths and almost whispered vocals flow gently over subtle percussion. There’s an almost Proustian vibe to the track as it unfolds, taking the listener to reminisce on summer days long gone.

If Life is out now and features on the band’s Berlin-recorded 1A EP, currently streaming on the band’s Spotify and Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.