I’m conscious that I use the words ‘beauty’ and ‘melancholy’ quite often, probably because they’re two themes I like most in music I listen to. But, they are very apt descriptors for Gone by TR/ST.

The track comes from the first instalment of his ‘sort of double album’ The Destroyer which is a single project but one that will be come out this year as two separate releases.

Once again, he has work with Maya Postepski (Austra / Princess Century) on the upcoming albums.

For me there feels like a real tonal shift from 2014’s Joyland. The track has that same air of wistfulness and longing that was threaded through that album but there’s a more confident and lighter touch to Gone than I’ve picked up in Alfons’ previous work.

I can hear shades of early Eurodance and Italo in the mix, as well subtle array of pop hooks – something he always had, to be fair, but not as easy to detect in the mix. A slight nod to indie phrasing gives the song a real ‘sad anthem’ quality.

Most of all there’s a sense that Alfons is using his vocal range a lot more, using it to give more meaning and weight to the words. For me the previous TR/ST releases were near enough all I wanted in music that I listened to for my own pleasure.

With Gone however, the formula has changed but the music retains that singular blend of heart-breaking charm that pervades the unique sound of TR/ST.

The Destroyer – 1 is out on 19th April 2019 and you can pro-order the album here, with limited edition vinyl and cassette versions available on Bandcamp.

As part of the album release TRST will be touring Europe and North America, check out the official Facebook and Twitter accounts to find out more.

Photo by latexlucifer