Love songs can be about many things; people, a favourite toy, a car for example, but often the best songs are a about places and that’s certainly the case with it comes to Ouseburn – the new track from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne based trio Twist Helix.

Ouseburn puts a very modern spin on a sound that is influenced by 80s New Wave and post-punk, but the driving rock tones and simmering electronica bring the track right up to date.

It reflects on the past and present of a part of Newcastle that was one of the cradles of industry but now thrives as a place for the people where nature and culture co-exist. It’s a song that perfectly captures the essence of the place and gives the song its own vibrancy and purpose.

Ouseburn is out now on Bandcamp and Spotify and will feature in the trio’s upcoming album which will be released via Madrid’s Paul Back Music. The band are also touring the UK to tie in with the single – you can find out more the about upcoming dates on their Facebook page.

Photo by Paul Murray