New Music: Uma E. Fernqvist – For U

  • New Music: Uma E. Fernqvist - For U

Previously known as one of the world’s foremost professional dancers, Sweden’s Uma E. Fernqvist is now well known for her work as part of the Art of Spectra collective. In a career that has involved improvisation, dance and music, she has sought a fluidity between disciplines that comes to the fore on the trip-hop inspired For U.

One of the most striking things about For U is the remarkable sense of movement the track possesses. As if alive and aware of the world around it, the subtle tones and lush, brooding textures feel like they are the essence of life and emotion poured in to atmospheric musical form.

There’s a sensuality to the track, born not of sexuality but of a harnessing the complex and upspoken ways we communicate with others and our environment. Haunting and heartfelt, it’s a very original and captivating eight minutes of physical and psychological joy.

For U is out now via Jubel as part of the four-track Reverse EP which you can stream on Soundcloud and Spotify.

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