We recently featured For U by Sweden’s Uma E. Fernqvist and at the time we marvelled as the track’s sense of movement and life. The essence has been expertly and vividly captured in the video for the track, which you can check out below.

Slow yet effortlessly euphoric, it brings out the layered textures of the song, but showcases Fernqvist’s singular look and vision to create something that is beautiful, sensual and uncompromising, rather like the song itself.

She says of the song: “For U is about a wait that almost makes you destructively paralyzed or puts you in a vacuum of beautiful melancholy. A wait for someone … or as for me, for myself. With the video we wanted to find that other dimension of time and space, escape… in finding something…back to some.”

For U is out now via Jubel as part of Fernqvist’s four-track Reverse EP which can streamed on Soundcloud and Spotify.