New Music: Vandelux – Cake Walk (feat. Francesca Carbonneau)

Canadian Vandelux (Evan White) has teamed up with Francesca Carbonneau – the leader of Vancouver dream-rock quartet Frankie – on Cake Walk, which features the two of them duetting on a track with a pronounced down and dirty electro feel; it’s slow groove and icy chimes adding layer upon layer of pleasant menace to the song. It’s hard to say if it’s a love song, a lust song or an after-love song, but it seems to shout out about love that you can’t quite quit!

Carbonneau is an old friend of White’s from Vancouver and in relation to working with her on Cake Walk he says; ‘I wrote the song about a year ago and was looking for a female vocalist to do the last verse. Francesca fit great but didn’t have access to a studio at the time so she sent me over demo vocals from her laptop mic, which I just ended up using’.

Cake Walk is out now, you can also stream the track on Spotify and iTunes.

By |October 24th, 2017|

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